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User Info: Elfergos

9 years ago#1
Just shopping for some advanced techniques. I have managed to beat the game normal and went through a couple of times after that on casual to pick up some trophies but was getting a kicking from those damn challenges. I keep hearing people talk about h-gun melee and some sort of air boosting move to get the better of romonov's etc whats that all about?

I had trouble playing through normal coming up against the romonov that switches between a scorpion-like creature and an upright, any tips? I also had trouble finding the weak spot of some of the other more advanced romonov's for instance the ones with drill-bit arms, a shotgun seemed effective on casual (didn't use it at all on my first playthrough on normal - maybe this was the problem?)

User Info: Raeng

9 years ago#2
There's a couple:

- boost dodging. Basically you boost then cancel into a dodge giving you insane inviniciblity frames and a free boost since the startup from the boost doesn't train energy.

- quick reload. grab a weapon, press reload and switch to another weapon and then back to the reloading weapon. It's reloaded. Very handy for weapons with slow reloads such as the rocket launcher or shotgun.

Some other tactics against against Romanovs are Disc Launcher to the face decapitating them thus making them blind and pretty much easy targets / getting them near a ledge and firing a LFE shot to make them fall to their doom / for the flamethrowers, shoot the tank on their back for an instant kill.

Also the boost-melee and heavymachinegun-melee make you go airborne in which you can still use AR mode. If you use the melee move against an object and not a enemy it can give you the highground letting you hit enemies that you couldn't otherwise see.

That's about the things I can think of from the top of my head. If you have more questions, just ask. I'll track this topic =)
PSN: Royta15

User Info: Raeng

9 years ago#3
Oh also, double post, about the BIA's (scorpion creatures) they have no real weakness. Best you can do is grab a HMG (heavy machine gun) and keep your distance as most of their closerange attacks are a highdamage / instakill move. Boosting away while firing works wonders.

They just take a LONG time to take down that is all.
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User Info: Elfergos

9 years ago#4
Thanks thats really helpful, so different weapons give you different melee attacks? I thought that you just did them under different circumstances - I was finding the punch move quite useful when you rapidly keep hitting circle and eventually get the super punch - I noticed the romonovs can block it if you try it head on though.

User Info: Raeng

9 years ago#5
Some weapons have different melee's yes.
Rocket has an uppercut
Shotgun has a chargeable backhand that deals pretty much monsterous damage if fully charged
HMG does a upkick that can be cancled into AR mode
AR does the rapid strikes
Melee during a boost results in a dive, if the dive connects he does a followup with the upkick.

The shotgun backhand and HMG/boost melee are the strongest. The shotgun is technically the strongest, but takes ages to fully charge (best used during auto-AR mode when you're stuck in AR due to taking too much damage =) )
PSN: Royta15

User Info: SBK91

9 years ago#6
boost dodging. Basically you boost then cancel into a dodge giving you insane inviniciblity frames and a free boost since the startup from the boost doesn't train energy.

Not only does it not drain energy, you'll actually recover energy while you're doing it.

Tossing EMP Grenades while boosting makes them go off almost instantly.

Cigs distract enemies as long as they're lit.

Shooting a Frag Grenade causes it to explode prematurely with a larger area of effect. This is great for taking out groups Gorgies (basic robots), as do the Rocket Launcher, Lock On Laser and LFE .

The Shotgun is by far the most damaging weapon up close, while at a distance the Heavy Machine Gun deals damage fastest.

While firing the Assault Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun, or Boost Machine Gun, switch to another weapon without letting go of fire. Sam will skip the weapon switch animation and fire the second weapon instantly. Very useful for keeping a continuous stream of fire (by switching among the automatic weapons) or for burst damage (via the Shotgun or Rocket Launcher).

The boost kick is the most versatile melee. It has the longest range, third highest damage (I believe the Assault Rifle's and Shotgun's deal more, but leave you vulnerable), and can be followed up with slow mo for Shotgun/Rocket Launcher fun. Incorporating boost kicks can significantly speed up fights with larger enemies and bosses.

For BIAs, always try to stay overheated. Boost kick at every oppurtunity, keeping them stunned inbetween kicks with Rockets/LFE shots/EMP grenades. Follow boost kicks and EMPs with two Shotgun blasts if you like. When using the LFE, if they're not knocked back the full distance they'll ignore the stun and counterattack, so watch out.

The Drill Romanov's weakness is its back, similiar to regular Romanovs. However, its often better to just decapitate them with the Disc Launcher.

User Info: JesterSeesAll

9 years ago#7
Shotgun melee while charging will negate and counter any and all melee strikes thrown at you and automatically strike when anything touches it.
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User Info: etai79

9 years ago#8
The guide actually has a great strategy for the Bia. When they're in "upright" mode, you can lure them into melee attacks to get them to expose their backs. This is also safer than fighting them at a distance, but it becomes much trickier when there are two. Also remember there are flaps over the core when they first spawn which can be destroyed to get a better shot.

HMG melee works wonders too when they're in scorpion mode, right when they're about to sprint and leap, you can use the melee attack to leap in the air and blast them with the HMG + Shotgun as they go under you. Does great damage. Also remember LFE gun can keep them stun locked and frag grenades do plenty of damage. Rocket Launcher is always the best if you have it though.
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User Info: MrStarkiller

9 years ago#9
Jester: >all melee strikes
Why, Jester? Why must you make the same error as the guide? It won't counter a bunch of melee. View Hounds, D-model tunneling, BIA, Bogey and perhaps some others I've forgotten. It covers most, but not quite "all". And the counter strike isn't fast enough to guarantee a hit when tripped. It can miss (from being too slow or angled wrong).

etai: >BIA
>guide handling
I was more impressed they had the same handling as me (in their God Hard 5-1 coverage). As for 2-5, I like treating a BIA to instant kill damage via getting it into a hatch and blowing it up (a frag or rocket will suffice). Nobody ever brings up this attribute. Their love of LFE+boost melee is understandable. HMG+Shotgun is the 'go-to' for more skilled players in general it seems. It hardly matters what you're fighting.

SBK: >Boost Dodge
True. I wonder if it maintains the full i-frames or if it degenerates at all like rapid evasion is noted to. I imagine it maintains the full 10 rather than dropping to 3. Another advantage you could note if true. Besides moving rapidly (not quite full boost speed *much less limiters removed*, but the other perks make up for it handily).

>EMP drop
A fine technique.

One might note that you have three per mission and they return with each new one. Though I don't recall if you get any for dying. Never thought to try testing that.

>most damaging
Potentially anyway. Being able to (easily) hit weakpoints for a damage modifier while being strong already...helps.

>most damaging at a distance
Maybe so.

>weapon switch antics
Good for reloading as well.

One might note it isn't good to have some weapons selected while manning turrets (Ex: LFE).

>boost kick is most versatile melee
Hmmm. Not sure I can agree to that. I might have to, instead, elect the Backflip. Boost kick certainly has the advantage of moving in quickly for solid damage with the potential for AR usage. It IS the move I advise for free hits against Buzzards (if you hit their arm, you won't overheat while still damaging/stunning them). One-Two is perhaps better used by mashing for flurry and then ceasing so you get the final strike (high damage/knockback) sooner. Though it happens to be a good choice for BIA (after they miss a melee). It's also notable for N-Models that aren't raging (just start up a flurry in their face and wait for them to grab interupt *no overheat while chipping away at them*). Lacking Backfist 3 takes some practice for quicker foes and isn't usually necessary work. I'd sooner advise boost melee oftentimes (not always).

>BIA antics
Reasonable enough if you can't instant kill them in a hatch or use heavy explosives. Quad takes an extra two seconds to recover from EMP and Bipedal is better effected by LFE shots and the like. I prefer Bipedal for the antics I pull. If I was a guy looking for the 3x damage perk of the core (with some shots hitting the face *2x*), I'd probably prefer Quad. Though, on 2-5, I do prefer Quad for being easier to trick into getting into that hatch with me so I can leap out and blow it apart.

D and N models have that core weakness (3x versus 2x for the head). Either can have the 'super armor' that stops some shots cold. N models can have shoulder cannons as well. F-Models just have tank (that when destroyed, deals 1,500 damage to those present when the tank blows *not when/where the body explodes*). G-Models don't have core weaknesses to note, but they don't deal well with having their large missle blown up in their face. Delimbing is nice, though it can make some cases worse. Getting both arms off and a leg is instant kill with credit. Beheading and leaving it to die takes time and you get no credit *fine by me*. DL is my favored weapon for all cases. Though I may use the alternative antics against F and G models. It's quite hard, I find, to get both arms of a D-model with the DL.

Raeng: >BIA
>no weakness
Not quite accurate. They certainly don't suffer delimbs (lame). At least they can't have super armor placed for higher settings, amirite?

>long time
Not so sure about that.

~I don't feel much like going over everything I can think of. There are plenty of threads where I discuss these things. I might link to some of those later

User Info: JesterSeesAll

9 years ago#10
Ugh, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Shrug.
Street Fighter 4 is the hardest fighting game to establish your own unique style in - Daigo Umehara
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