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User Info: haythem09

7 years ago#1
I'm getting back into GTA Multiplayer and I'm wondering which one I should play.

They're all pretty similar, and if you haven't guessed already I'm going to be playing free-roam. So the extra game modes from TLAD don't really factor into it. So, in terms of popularity, which one do people play the most? From what I've seen it ranks:

1. GTA 4 or TBOGT
2. TBOGT or GTA 4

To me it seems nobody plays TLAD MP, and I can see why. TBOGT and GTA 4 seem to still be popular. More people might play GTA 4 Mp more than TBOGT Mp simply because more people have GTA 4, most people who have both TBOGT and GTA 4 play TBOGT.

TBOGT is the best, no? It adds the most stuff. New weapons, new vehicles, new clothes, etc all add to make free mode even more of a blast. Also TBOGT seems to have much better graphics. It is no longer blurry and fuzzy and the draw distance seems to be increased. The lighting and shadows look much better too.

It seems to me there is no reason to play TLAD free roam. It adds new bikes and a few new weapons, sure. But none of that competes with what was added in TBOGT. But the main reason TLAD free roam must suck is because of how ugly TLAD makes the game.

The brown, ugly colors on TLAD may have worked for the serious storyline. But for Mp it's just down right ugly and depressing.

So what do you guys think?
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