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User Info: KefkaPalazzo

9 years ago#1
What do the far right columns on the item screen mean? For most items, there's nothing there, but with a few, there are colored boxes with numbers.

I looked at the manual and it gave me the massively helpful "effect numbers". What do they mean?
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User Info: Broonga

9 years ago#2
They are Rush Count Effect. Each weapon has three effect that will be unlocked when being upgraded to a certain quality.

You can view effect list by pressing Square in tactic screen. These effect can be achieve during battle if the last-two digit of your Rush Count (the total number of hit that you score during battle) matches the effect's number. For example, if you bring a weapon which has effect 03 : charge speed x3, then when your Rush Count reach 3/103/203 hits...you will get a boost in charge speed. Once your Rush Count change, the effect will be gone after a short time.
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