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User Info: windmastery

9 years ago#1
This game's so fun!
At first i only bought this game becos my yggdra union game was broken and this game offer Free YU copy...
But, after playing awhile...
I can't stop playing this game!
My eyes might even more minus now...
I even put aside my YU game for now

And becos this game is alotta fun, don't let this board die!
Let's talk what we like about this game
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User Info: Phalanae

9 years ago#2
1. The dark story is probably my favorite aspect of this game. It provides interesting plot twists, revelations and tragic character fates... Especially the boss on Scene 38 was a touching surprise, accompanied by a fitting battle theme.

2. It is part of the Dept. Heaven Saga after all. You can recognize some things (like the color-coded elements or the weapon names) which lets one feel more connected to the universe. Yggdra especially is one of my favorite characters.

3. Last but not least: the gameplay. Quite unique, difficult to grasp at first but ultimately rewarding in the end. Sting also took care of difficulty problems by featuring four modes in total (I still didn't attempt Nightmare Mode...).

User Info: 14xbill

9 years ago#3
wow, this board is really dead...

I just started playing this. I was interested in playing when it was first released but didn't get to it until just now, today actually.

I've been a huge board strategy game fan, and this is actually quite refreshingly new in terms of its battle system, though I was expecting a little bit of a good ol' fashioned tactics ogre FFT type of thing...but actually I was thrilled to see the size of the roster you could have. I wish I had that luxury in FFT. Even with the increased roster size in the PSP version, I still wasn't getting enough units as I liked.
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User Info: catsith

9 years ago#4
Yeah i just started playing this on the DS, the board there is completely dead. So I hope this will game will be similar in both consoles...

atm theres so many tutorials to get through haha

User Info: SearchRaika

9 years ago#5
It would be so nice for this board to come back, i just finished union an ordered this game so im excited for it.
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