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User Info: L33tmon

9 years ago#1
Soo there's this lil' Yggdra here, eh?

Is there any difference with her with the other heroine?(obviously)
Im asking about the skills.. how does it look like and all...

I'm gonna post this on the DS Board(I only have DS, but Im curious about Yggdra)

1. So, since Piche is the granddaughter of Capehorn, Is Piche removed of wings and horn too? or... Capehorn's son/daughter married a human(which is kinda impossible) OR is the physical appearance of Exiled tiamats are inherited?

2. So... In the ending The Wisp(Wilmgard) gets his memory and his body back, and his knights too? since Algiery came back alive.. so the wisp power still retains?

User Info: Koichimaru

9 years ago#2
I can only speculate about Piche from the story in the game. She is related to him by blood, though. Perhaps human blood overrides Tiamat blood. Who can say, really? It might have been revealed in the World Guide that we only got a third of. In any case, what I have read does not seem to mention anything about her appearance.

As for your second question, the "wisp power" was not a wisp power. It was the power of the Arbitrator, which Wilmgard inherited from his father who inherited it from his father, et cetera. The power of the Arbitrator if truly great, given that the Arbitrator is meant to keep Asgard and the Underworld in check. The power was sealed away, however, when an Arbitrator in the past transcribed the secrets of his power (creating the Written Law), and gave it to the Tiamat race. As it was sealed, this Arbitrators power gradually faded from history until it was at last forgotten. The power awakened once more when Wilmgard's soul was rent from his body.
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User Info: ecthel1412

9 years ago#3
About Yggdra, she took all of Maria's Skill, except her Ex-Skill. Here's the list:

Revolution (Neutral): 1279 x 7 Hit (8953), Reg. 40%
Banish (Holy): 643 x 14 Hit (9002), Reg.20%
Gravity Chaos (Darkness): 2378 x 3 Hit (7134), Reg.80%
Flame (Fire): 2638 x 3 Hit (7914), Reg. 80%
Blizzard (Ice): 1248 x 7 Hit (8736), Reg.20%
Lunatic Jihad (Lightning): 2069 x 5 Hit (10345), Reg.20%
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