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User Info: Ritalinfiend

9 years ago#1
Loved the first two games. I know nothing about this game. Rented it from gamefly, should arrive soon. Anything I should know before playing?
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User Info: Phalanae

9 years ago#2

-make sure to read or watch the tutorials since this game features quite unique gameplay elements
-all key items and knights (basically party members) are missable
-if the game appears to be too confusing: it will get better through practice very quickly
-you can play as Yggdra later on if you have a save file from Yggdra Union stored on your PSP (it doesn't need to be a complete one)
-Pamela from Yggdra Union should make an appearance, too
-the UMD features long loading times which is why I recommend to use the PSN version

User Info: fourblackhearts

9 years ago#3
Don't obsess about collecting every Key Item and Recruiting every Knight your first few times through the game, it's a lot more fun that way.

User Info: wrenagade

9 years ago#4
Ready mode is your friend. If you are one kill from getting your kill mark requirement, you can ready every knights skill and take out a couple more enemies and get some more weapons. Game starts off really confusing at first like dude said but it will get easier. Select units to swap them out, thisseems obvious but I played through 10 battles thinking I had to wait longer until there were empty unit spots to use my favorite knights lol. Also make sure your knigjts can attack in the direction you need. Weapons lose durability everytime they are brought into battle, I recommend gointo the leveling section so you can fuse weapons to keep your favorite weapons in shape. On that note if your repairing weapons make sure they are enhanced equally or you'll lose the added bonus.
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