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User Info: Patriarch105

10 years ago#1
Whats this game like? I haven't heard much about it but it looks like a direct port from the DS. The graphics look a bit dated.

Hows the gameplay overall? Are there other TRPGs its similar to?
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User Info: ClassicDefender

10 years ago#2
It plays MUCH better on DS, screw graphics pal this game is SUPPOSE TO look like SNES sprites so quite your crying. It's difficult to compare since it doesn't play like any other stratrpg. Only certain Knights can move, you're Knights can only attack in 2 directions (except for a FEW classes) & you're attacks have different range depending on weather you're attacking in the Law or Chaos phase.

I'd get this on DS instead, especially if you've got a DSiXL in which EACH screen is pretty much the same size as ONE psp screen. It's kinda cool that you can play as Yggdra....but inferior controls don't make up for it. And NO being able to adjust the speed of the Wisp doesn't matter since you've gotta wait for the bar to move up or down (it still doesn't move fast enough) & you don't get nearly the amount of control as you would with direct touch control so don't let anyone tell you differently.

If you only have a psp then fine I'd say get this version...but really why on earth would ANYONE only have a psp...?
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User Info: Phalanae

10 years ago#3
ClassicDefender posted...
If you only have a psp then fine I'd say get this version...but really why on earth would ANYONE only have a psp...?

Maybe money issues regarding "financing" two or more consoles? Better games on console X? There are certainly enough reasons for these kind of things.

User Info: Xenogearj

10 years ago#4
I have the game on both systems, but I lost my DS one, and when I saw this for the PSP I was like "Hmmm, ok!"

So, I played both games (still in the beginning of the PSP version) and I can't complain much. I don't really see the DS one being superior to the PSP, except for maybe the battle setup where you have to cycle through everything to see your allies' or enemies' movements or to equip key items or weapons. The wisp movement isn't horendous as one player made it out to be; I have yet to adjust the speed. I didn't go too far into the DS one, but I don't think the gameplay could have changed that much.

If you only have a PSP, don't bother getting a DS just for this game. I actually don't like SRPGs very much, but this one captures my attention for some reason. Could be the Norse mythology theme (love VP).

I've played Covenant of the Plume, Luminous Arc 1, FFTactics (forget which one, not the original though), but KitN is pretty similar and different at the same time. The space, for one, is very, very restrictive, and movement is all but impossible. The most important movement, though, is the wisp, and not so much the characters themselves. It's way more interactive than other SRPGs, and requires good maneuvering on your part.

So, if you like to just sit back and command your characters with peace of mind, then this game is not for you. If you're looking for a new twist on the SRPG genre, and don't mind being a hell of a lot more active in-game, then this might just be up your alley.

User Info: oenomaus

10 years ago#5
http://imgur.com/VADDg.gif http://imgur.com/LaHmG.gif

User Info: AAHyrule

10 years ago#6
There are some hardcore PSP version defenders on this board (which isn't terribly surprising given that GameFAQs is often a breeding ground for fanboyism), but I've noticed that the general preference is for the DS version.
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User Info: Barrylocke89

10 years ago#7
If I already own the original versions of this and YU, would you say its worth spending the 30 bucks on one of the 1st edition copies?
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User Info: fourblackhearts

10 years ago#8
This game is the story...

Of one man's quest...

To be reunited with his sexy, sexy beard...
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