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  3. Does this game have the charm of Riviera?

User Info: Rango

10 years ago#1
Cool characters, music, backgrounds, etc.?

And is it simple or complex?

User Info: TiamatNM

10 years ago#2
It is much more complex than Riviera and the mood is much darker. Riviera is mostly cute and light hearted, this isn't. I'd still recommend checking it out though.

User Info: ClassicDefender

10 years ago#3
I agree with CursedTiamat.......except the only problems I have with the psp Riviera is the terrible Butt Rock remix music they put in it instead of the better instrumental style music & better voice acting of the GBA version. I'd rather they have kept the ORIGINAL voice actors just doing the special attack names instead of medeocre voice acting all throughout & them CHANGING voice actors for worse voice quality.
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User Info: Barrylocke89

10 years ago#4
I agree with the voice acting, but I personally like the remade psp music for riviera
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User Info: Phalanae

10 years ago#5
The music was mostly fine albeit I really miss the original "Accursed" theme. Regarding Voice Acting: so far I have only tried the Japanese option which is why I cannot comment on the English ones.
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  3. Does this game have the charm of Riviera?
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