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User Info: Duken13

7 years ago#1
Is it simply an updated version, or will it be a semi-sequel like 4A?

I tried looking on Wikipedia and AC Wiki, couldn't find a satisfactory answer.
The VD board is also dead.

User Info: ErikPhantom

7 years ago#2
It's a sequel, like 4A. It's not a DLC or anything like that, it's a full out new game; new maps, parts, ect. They're also adding AIs that you can use. You can save and import your emblems and AC Data from V to the new game and it looks like the overall game mechanics are the same.

User Info: vel0001

7 years ago#3
Except it is NOT like 4a.

4A story continued 4's story,

Verdict day is a completely new story unrelated to AC:V
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  3. So what exactly is Verdict Day?
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