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User Info: lhurgoyfguy

8 years ago#21
i had finished a scrap faq and was about to turn it in. do you just wanna turn yours in instead?
i can has sig?
"Whether you are 360 or ps3 for life, you don't light a match when it's raining gasoline."Chaingunmaster

User Info: splatmat101

8 years ago#22
hey found that B ur looking for on mission 04. Towards the end u will get the message that they are extracting you. You will be on a bridge with a gerage on it. If you look to ur left down in the water will be a break wall kinda around the city section jump down and follow it a little bit on the inside and it will be next to a building.

User Info: SomanticCell

8 years ago#23

I have been putting off collecting these parts.
it is such a pain.
Now I must complete these to earn the 1 of 2 achievements that are left for me in the game.
Thanks a bunch and i will be referring back to this post.

Somantic Cell
Thirst for Power

User Info: Ghostfeet

8 years ago#24
Thanks for compiling this CirrusStrafe, I'll have to get out and do a bit of scrap hunting now.
"I drink and I smash because I love." ~ Rocko

User Info: GladdyIsDaddy

3 years ago#25
Death Stranding
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