Looking for an emblem maker please :)

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User Info: Destinyzero000

4 years ago#1
So i been trying for awhile and by i mean awhile about 3weeks trying to make my own emblem, and failing baaaaad i've been trying to make Yuno from future diary with one of her crazy looks but nothing is working if anyone could give me a hand and make one i will thank you so much i'm a US player and my psn is Destiny_0 (thats a zero at the end of my name) im not good at asking for help but i cant see to do this >.< so thank you to anyone that can help me out here are some pics of what i was trying to get at ====>




it doesnt have to be a whole body just i was trying to get her face and her top half
---Psn: DeStInY_0 ---

User Info: RagnarokGenesis

4 years ago#2
Hello Destiny I’ve been making emblems on ACV for quite some time, so I hope to give you some helpful advice about making emblems.

First off full body doesn’t tend to work out a lot because of the restriction limit of 128 layers so it’s good you didn’t want a full body, however even the face and the top half of anything is quite difficult to do especially in the anime type style; most of the time all you can do is the face, as the detail will suffer most of the time if you try to fit anything below the face; Not only that you’ll run out of room faster as well.

There are ways to do full bodies or the face and top half; however it highly depends on the style you want the emblem to be in.

Another factor is the background color as it can really help you use fewer layers depending on the style you’re going for, the fewer layers you use for the actual image the more you have for detail which is always a plus.

Also experiment when you can in using some shapes you’re not use to; as you might just find out that 1 shape saves you from using 2-4 shapes that do the same thing; in turn saving you layers.

I would also suggest you plan out your approach; how you’re going to start, back-up plan if it’s not working etc. as planning out the emblem for 1-2 hours can save you 3-4 hours of trying to figure out stuff on the fly.

I’ll also PM you my PSN id and the time I’m usually on if you want me to show examples or tell you anything else I might have forgotten to mention.

Sorry for the long post, I wish you the best.
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  3. Looking for an emblem maker please :)

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