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User Info: Dragonitrogen

9 years ago#1

Ok i've beaten Omega Supreme several times. Now i'm trying to get all the obtainable Data Disks. I got all of them on Arena, but missing some from Bonus and Story. I need the locations for the Data Disks in Bonus missions "Rescuing Zeta Prime" and "Saving the core". Then for Story missions "Reviving the dark Energonproject""Reactivating theEnergon bridge" "The Attack of Iacon""The omega key" and "Omega Supreme". I absolutely needthe locations plz help.


Has any one seen a non-rar war for cybertron autobots download that works? thanks just tell me if you do.

User Info: Emeraldas_Fan

9 years ago#2
My first suggestion would be to search through the various posts to see if anyone had the same difficulties.

I've beaten both of the WFC DS games (with 91%), but I can't recall the locations of each and every data disk. And now that I'm back in school, I really don't have the time to pull out the game and go searching for you.

You know, I'm REALLY surprised no one has produced a walkthrough or data disk location finder for either of the two games by now...

User Info: Dragonitrogen

9 years ago#3

I know that is what I expected was a data disk walkthrough. But I found most of those Data Disks.

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