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User Info: Emeraldas_Fan

9 years ago#1
Okay, so I beat the Autobots game a week or so ago. I used a level 18 Optimus Prime and a level 15 Bumblebee to take down Trypticon, and it took me just a couple of minutes on my first try. In fact, I remember remarking - out loud - "Wow, that was cake."

Well, karma's a bee-yotch. Because I am having a heckuva time taking down Omega Supreme. And I've been using a level 18 Megatron and a level 16 Barricade. I mean, I've been staring at the word "Restart" for far too long now.

Oh, I've memorized the patterns now. But it's not like I'll never make a mistake. And Omega Supreme will smash with his left arm, smash with his right arm, smash with both arms (in two different places), he'll sweep his arm, he'll lock missiles on you, he'll shoot at you, and he'll have the walls send electrical discharges after you. Oh, and he'll cause an earthquake with some funky arm gadget. Geezus!

But the worst part? My weapons do such little damage to him that it takes FOREVER to bring him down. I mean, when I reach the second of the three stages, my hands are already cramping.

And again, I have yet to beat him. I had to put the DSi down for a while.

Anybody else have this much trouble with the final boss?

User Info: Emeraldas_Fan

9 years ago#2

I ended up using a level 18 Megatron (for the endurance factor) and a level 16 Shockwave (for increased firepower) to take down Omega Supreme.

Yes, after several more restarts. Ha.

Here's to my 91% for both the Autobots and Decepticons. *lifting champagne glass*
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