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User Info: FIA_Webmistress

9 years ago#1
I'm looking at getting one of the versions of the game, but I'm still extremely confused about a few things.

1.) Are Bots and Cons available in both games, despite the game being titled with one or the other? The information I"m seeing on the site seems to suggest so, which would kinda render the point of buying both games worthless

2.) What are the starter characters avilable in each game? I've seen plenty of info about unlockables, but that doesn't matter in the slightest until I've been playing a while. I need to know what I'm gonna get stuck with once I and the box leave the store.

And lastly, but not as much imortant, I"m wondering about Dirge. I've seen him meantioned, and he's one of my con favorites. Is he playable/unlockable in the con version of the game on its own, or would I be required to get the Autobots version to unlock him?

User Info: GreenLantern173

9 years ago#2
1) Yes, both 'Bots & 'Cons are available in each version of the game. In the Decepticon version of the game (I don't own the 'Bot version), the Bonus missions are the ones that you play as just Autobots & there are 4.

2) The 'Con version starts w/ Brawl & Megatron. I don't know what you start w/ in the 'Bot version.

3) In the 'con version, Dirge is unlocked in the next to last Story Mission.

User Info: ShadowvLord

9 years ago#3
I have the Autobot version.

You start with Optimus & Bumblebee.

It's pretty good so far...and I'm considering picking up the Decepticon version eventually.
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User Info: Bass_X0

9 years ago#4
I find it more fun to be the Decepticons.
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