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User Info: Nissan4ev3r

10 years ago#1
I just got Air raid but i cant do the attacks that he was doing to me in the fight.

Do I have to level up? whats the best air attacker in the game and how do i obtain him?
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User Info: CmdrXaan

10 years ago#2
no transformer can do all the attacks they do in boss battles, autobot wise, Air Raid is probably the best flier, Decepticon wise, It is definitely Starscream.
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User Info: Not_Shoryus_Alt

10 years ago#3
^I agree. Air Raid and Silverbolt gain the same bonus stats, but Silverbolt requires you to dump points into the somewhat useless skill stat, while Air Raid can focus on firepower. Jetfire isn't obtainable until the end of story mode, and isn't anything special. And Swoop has an annoying voice(very G1 <_<;) and his double attack chance isn't as powerful as the blast damage from AR/SB.

Starscream is not only the best air fighter on the Decepticons, he also may be the most powerful Decepticon in the game. Two or three lasers plus blast damage. Those weak to laser damage die instantly, other regular enemies lose at least 50% of their health. Even Shockwave doesn't hit quite that hard, though he doesn't use as much energy. Starscream's only fault, in my opinion, is the ugly alt mode. Looks like a box with wings on it, something a kid would make.
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