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User Info: natchu96

10 years ago#1
whenever i beat Ultra Magnus in Sewers #6 the timer just keeps going down. what do i have to do to complete the mission?

User Info: creamofjustice

10 years ago#2
Get the Energon cube in front of him when you beat him.
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User Info: natchu96

10 years ago#3
i guess the game's just a little glichy, since it didnt show up the first few times, but it does now. thnx

User Info: Emeraldas_Fan

10 years ago#4
I never encountered one of these "glitches."

My guess, amigo? You simply didn't notice it.

Hey, it happened to me when I beat Jazz. I ran around a bit before realizing "Hey, there's a floating energon cube! I should get that for some XP!" Bam! The mission ended. After that, I realized I should always look for the floating energon cube.

I assume you probably "accidentally" found the Jazz cube, and simply missed the Ultra Magnus one.

User Info: natchu96

10 years ago#5
i ran around the whole place the first two times and didn't really see anything. the time it worked, it was probably because i was standing right in front of him when he died
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