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User Info: M3dikal

10 years ago#1
Went to the local Toys R Us today to check out what the sale on games was this week and found out they had a "Buy one game and get a game of equal or lesser value for 5 bucks" deal going on and both versions of this game were on it. Meaning you can pick up both versions of the game for 35 bucks.

I really enjoyed the 360 version and im looking for something light and fun when i need a break from grinding in dragon quest...is this game worth the money? Especially since i can pick up both versions for so cheap?

User Info: Emeraldas_Fan

10 years ago#2
Well, I realize I'm just one lone voice in the wilderness...

But I also played through and enjoyed WFC on the XBOX 360. That led me to check out these games, and I have yet to be disappointed. They're quite fun actually.

And I really like the larger selection of playable characters.
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