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User Info: Exatron

10 years ago#1
I was wondering if anyone knows how you're supposed to get the final 9 Data Disks to get 100% completion for the game. I've cleared every Story, Arena, and Bonus mission 100%, collecting all data disks and bots for each stage. Despite that, I only have 41 out of the 50 Data Disks available in each version of the game. That leaves me at 91% total completion for each version on its own, or 95% after importing the exclusive characters from the other version. I'm assuming the final 5% comes from those 9 Data Disks, but I have no idea how to get them.

I was originally assuming that like some of the bots, these missing disks were version exclusives that had to be obtained through Ante matches. But there's no option to select a disk in multiplayer matches that I see, and selecting a disk through the main menu prior to starting an Ante match didn't have any effect.

The only other thing I can really guess is that they're available through entering codes that will be released at a later date. That strikes me as unlikely, since none of the Data Disks seem particularly impressive enough to be worth such an arrangement, but it also strikes me as unlikely that they'd include the code feature for nothing more than 2 bots.

Anyone figured this out yet?

User Info: stufa1978

10 years ago#2
To be honest, I've unlocked about 90% of the game. I'm not that bothered about finding all these seemingly pointless disks. But I've a feeling they will be unlocked somehow by combining both DS versions.
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User Info: CmdrXaan

10 years ago#3
You have to fight someone who has the decipticon game in normal deathmatch. Sometimes when you kill them they will drop a data disk.
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User Info: Exatron

10 years ago#4
Interesting. Thanks! I'll go give that a try. =)

User Info: Op-armada

10 years ago#5
Ive tried that just yesterday
Are you sure that's how to unlock the last 9 data disks, I mean, have u tried it, or just guessing?
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