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Drac_Mazoku 10 years ago#1
I love Prince of Persia, but was always hesitant to try this one in particular, since a lot of people talk badly about it. I took a chance, downloaded it (from PSN), and it was really a big surprise. This game is REALLY good. The 2D plane works for the better in this game, even more than in some of the 3D game. Because it'S 2D, there's no problem of bad evaluation of distance as to when we can start doing our acrobatic move. Which mean they can focus on doing extreme, fast, non-stop platforming sequence which are really fun to accomplish. On the first playthrough, there's really some good challenge (the controls are really precise, when you screw something, it's always YOUR FAULT), and to get everything in every stage, you need to replay each level a few times and learn the pattern of every stage. Ubisoft Quebec really did an awesome job at bringing finally a GOOD new 2D Prince of Persia. And I would suggest to all people to try it, and just try not to think "it sux because it's not 3D", because this is not the case.

Awesome game, 8.5/10 easily, and I would like to see another 2D Prince of Persia like that :)
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