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commodore_zeke 11 years ago#1
Very first level, as soon as you get control, go left instead of right. Jump from the right distance and you can grab the ledge where you came in. Then walk offscreen... and you'll fall off the world and die. Various glitches ensue. Sometimes you can just come back, other times you'll keep dying repeatedly or the screen will go white or the camera will mess up.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Forgotten Sands PSP, but there are parts where Ubisoft was really sloppy. This is one I can't believe they missed. (Also, the final boss fight is awful.)
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Zin_LG 11 years ago#2
I'm about halfway through the game and its fun. All the PoP games have had some glitches thankfully this game and PoP 08 didn't have glitches as bad as the Sands Trilogy.

I'm not looking forward to final fight as the combat in this game is pretty bad.
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