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Stacya_Reviere 11 years ago#1
-_-a I think I miss some tutorial in this game... could some post it here? especially combat tutorial/basic....
Stacya_Reviere 11 years ago#2
forget it.. stupid game.. CAMERA SUCK... just a game with stupid platforming...
if you wanna busy buy this game then I suggest you buy and play the old super NES Super Mario Instead..
Stacya_Reviere 11 years ago#3
around 3 hours playing and I'm near the end of the game... then the stupid camera just always get in my way!!!
-> see this :http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/981425-prince-of-persia-the-forgotten-sands/55030647

you call that challenging?!?!!??!?! F*ck those three hours and my money!!!
I remember I could keep TRYING fighting farming my 1st Tigrex in MHF2 for the whole 48hours, and now i'm @ 400++ hours playing
just I couldn't stand keep trying for this stupid game.... pointless...
monster hunter are way more challenging than this stupid platforming game with stupid camera
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