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sheepheavenly 11 years ago#1
I'm in "The Halls" level right now and just completed the annoying stage wherein you have these thin streams of flowing sand which you have to freeze then somehow jump past the logs with spikes moving up and down the wall to reach the other stream, you have to do this several times until you can move on to the next room. I'm also done with the room with logs suspended on the ceiling and then you have to jump to the balcony on the top right-hand side (why is there even a door that high up?).

I'm in the room past that door, the one with the lever that opens yet another door in the top right corner, the problem is that after every time I pull the lever, Wall walk to the right to the crack in the wall, climb up, climb to the left, get past the lethal logs, move a little more to the left get up the platform, get up to the vertical crack, get past the logs to the right, and again, get pass the rocks to the right, using both of the sister's powers to get across I always get to the door too late and have to do the whole process over again.

Did anybody else get stuck in this room?
Does anybody know a shorter route than the one mentioned above?


P.S. this is really annoying since after the fountain in the first stage I described there are no fountains left so I have to go through both annoying platforms, let's just hope that when we do get past the door, there wont be any enemies to ambush us and kill us, so we can do the whole task again.

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Amarant3 11 years ago#2
Hey, i'll say only one thing, you gotta do it faster, don't worry about the logs moving up and down and what not, just dash to the door by all means, later on in the game, you'll really need timing, speed and perfection to escape a particular room. I on the other hand, completed the game today evening. It was really challenging but thats what makes a game - FUN.
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