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dongabilondo 11 years ago#1

I have only found a few weapons, so can anyone tell me about others?

right now I only have the Prince's saber, saber of ruin, and saber of ardor.

Thanks ahead of time.

The_DARK_FoX 11 years ago#2
There are only 3. The Prince's fairy before getting the last saber said "Look, the last saber!" Speaking of which, how do you change them anyway?
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bugernotme 11 years ago#3
When you say only 3, do you count original sword or not?
I have 4: original, block breaker, hadooken and the strong one. I wouldn't trust anything Navi says.
Izaotsi 11 years ago#4
Press select to open up the menu where you can equip them
gelotamer 11 years ago#5
How to find the 4th saber?
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