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User Info: anthonymacc

10 years ago#1
This game looks pretty good, I may buy it. If I do I will let you guys know what I think ...
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User Info: Folk357

10 years ago#2
I would describe this game as a fusion of Columns and Lumines with a dash of Puzzle Fighter. I had been longing for a puzzler since there is no digital version of Lumines and hey, what do you know? A digital version puzzler for 5 bucks.

Music is pretty cool so far and I like the way the system works. The blocks drop in either circle or square shapes in various combinations of colors. Squares delete circles of the same color that are adjacent vertically and horizontially. Squares fuse together much in the same fashion as the gems in Puzzle Fighter and give a much bigger bonus than if you used a single square to delete. Of course the speed increases as you progress, reaching a nigh-unreactable pace, however if you manage to weather the speed storm the game's speed resets to the starting speed and you continue.

Totally worth the 5 bucks and you get Uematsu to boot!

User Info: Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa
10 years ago#3
Game is so good man. I can't wait to finish all the challenges and see what it unlocks.
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User Info: zeplin1180

10 years ago#4
that's all very good news!!!

i was sitting on the fence about deciding to buy this PSN game, and i guess i now have my answer... or at least i'm closer to it.

i'm a big puzzle fan... especially the type of puzzlers found on the PSP (i.e. Lumines I & II, Puzzlescape, Super Collapse, Every Extend Extra, etc. etc.).

i was a little bit apprehensive about the low price possibly meaning that it was a rather shallow puzzler... but i was wrong from the looks of it.

if it is indeed anything like Puzzle fighter, I will most likely love it?!?!?!

but, can anyone else maybe explain with a little more detail how the game works, and if it's one of those really deep puzzlers w/ a lot of strategy, or if it's more of a shallow puzzler that doesn't really force you to think and or use your brain?

any more explanations would be greatly appreciated!!! thanx :)
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