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User Info: ChaoticGood

10 years ago#31
Arrgh, crap like this is possible again? The super CAFs killed the last game...

User Info: geronimojay

10 years ago#32
Great guide TC, thanks for the step by step instructions made it much easier on my second go round cause I was getting my butt handed to me by Fitch on my first career try.
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User Info: eli_manning10

10 years ago#33
Well at least it doesn't take 5 minutes this time.

User Info: rogerdoger7

10 years ago#34
Can someone tell me how many hours this takes, for someone who is just starting to do it.
Xbox Live Gamertag: rogerdoger70

User Info: SDTash23

10 years ago#35
So if I finish career mode and start a new one, I'll have full stats without needing to spar and such?
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User Info: unknown2007

10 years ago#36

rogerdoger7 posted...
Can someone tell me how many hours this takes, for someone who is just starting to do it.
Xbox Live Gamertag: rogerdoger70

a few hours straight if you don't care about wins/loses and ur good in sparing. otherwise if might take you a couple days depending on if you use the save-reload method for sparring to maximize your points. you don't wanna waste a single week and get nothing in return. you wanna get the most out of your sparring so you can quickly max out your stats to 70 in little time as possible and start focusing on getting new moves before career ends. That way your not stuck with only 10 new moves because it took you nearly forever to get 6k points to max out all your stats to 100.

User Info: TotalDominAsian

10 years ago#37
So if I started training my attributes (cardio, strength, speed) in January of the 12th year... I can get them to max from 70 in time before I retire? I'm worried I'll have them maxed out well before the career is over, wasting several weeks having to keep them high.
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User Info: dratsab

10 years ago#38
I should start an MMA fed like I did with XXW.

User Info: g-cube_masta

10 years ago#39
Cool topic.

User Info: firesoul88

10 years ago#40

I have found the double underhooks supplex to side control to be easier then the takedown, but the problem I have is with the standing over the sparring partner. Do you have to press the stick in towards the partner in order to reach him because otherwise my CAF never reaches the body and he has an 81'' reach. Also by pressing the stick in the strikes become stronger but slower so I can't score as many hits and they blocked more often then if they were rabbit punches. I have tried following the formula of 3-4 strikes to the body and two to the head but my sparring partner is completly random with his blocking. When blocking his body he will wait 1-3 punches instead of just two to switch to head blocking. And when blocking on the head he waits 1-5 punches before switching to body. I can't find a way to predict his blockage. Because of this he blocks AT LEAST 50% of my strikes. I usually only get 29-34 points on a good try.

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