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User Info: velvet_hammer

10 years ago#21
well every time that happens hes in full guard and i cant exactly pound him a few times. how are you getting over him standing after tackle?

User Info: KidBuu_001

10 years ago#22
Very nice guide is just which the thq would implement the old wrestling games i remember's create a fighter style if you going to make it possible to get 100 everything make it possible for everyone allow players to keep going as long as they want until they get 100 or make it like the strength speed and cardio was on the first one make a set point like 75 and balance it around that like adding to standing strikes removes part from defense or kicks to make everyones fighters balanced

User Info: velvet_hammer

10 years ago#23
figured it out thanks

User Info: CKY350

10 years ago#24
Posting in sticky LULZ now I am immortALized
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User Info: VenomLegion

10 years ago#25
Great guide! Thanks for the quick post.

As I went through and created my first CAF, I attempted to balance what I could, to include leveling up my techniques from American Top Team. I can't be positive, but I think my level decayed from 3 back to 1. Has anyone else noticed that?

User Info: Goodjackie13

10 years ago#26
barely working for me....i'm on beginner....i get about 20 point per sparing session with skills that can go to 50.

maybe i doin it wrong but i doing word for word what you said...

any pointers?

User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#27
To clarify what I meant by takedown and stand over him, what you're going to do is run up, takedown, you'll be held down in his guard and you'll press the left stick in and it'll stand you up. Press the stick in again and do a short sprint towards him before he gets up, and you're standing over him while he's on his back attempting to guard himself. That's when you start punching him.

It might take a couple tries to get him to stay down but generally you should be able to do it within 3-4 attempts unless the CPU is being really douchey. As for playing on beginner your modifier for sparring points is fairly low and if you haven't gotten the takedown/punch thing down to something you can do in your sleep yet you won't be seeing a TON of points but it's much more than you would sparring regularly.

I would recommend switching to experienced over beginner, the only difference is the CPU fights are slightly more difficult but your sparring partner is still borderline retarded.

As for what I meant by slam, later in my fighters career I tried the suplex from clinch I believe it's from double underhookers, you press forward on the right stick it takes you directly into the underhooks and then you just roll the stick while pressing LB to slam them. Either method works fine.

User Info: tgcidowns

10 years ago#28
With the slam method I get a little over 100 points with the first partner and around 200 with the last partner. Also if you train the slam to lvl 3 you rock your partner on the tenth slam from there you can sub him. But that's rare and would be a perfect session.
Psn: AssassinOfGods

User Info: eli_manning10

10 years ago#29
HaHa. I got my guy maxed out by year 7.

User Info: DaGhOsT187

10 years ago#30

darth_cheney posted...
good thing i set all my rooms to UFC only...

WORD !!!

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