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User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#1
I'm just going to make this as simple as possible, you can ask questions in the thread if necessary.

I personally have made 3 CAF so far with maxed stats (100 in all 16 skills, maxed attributes) on 3 seperate difficulties.

Quick Facts: Each career is 12 years long. You have somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks AFTER your final fight to spend your points (more on this later) this is the key to beating the decay system they put in place.

Extra tip: Don't end your CAFs career, just save after you spend all your points and you can load him and customize him whenever you feel like so long as you don't finish the last 2-3 weeks!

Your attributes (str,spd,car) and ALL of your skills decay until they hit 3 numbers. 30, 50, and 70.

Here is how in a simple step-by-step:

1. Pick a difficulty to use. Really good at UFC, experienced with the 09 game? Try out expert for a couple starter weeks. If you can't manage to get 60+ points per spar using the technique I'll describe in the next step, try a notch lower. It's entirely possible to make an excellent CAF on experienced as I did even with a bunch of mistakes and it being my first attempt.

2. Sparring.

The key to the silly amount of sparring points is this simple: Tackle or slam your partner, stand up, run to him so you're standing over him while he guards himself. There is no Referee in sparring sessions so they will NOT stand him back up. He might get up a couple times himself, but don't get annoyed at this, simply tackle/slam him and try again. You'll hit him in the body roughly 3-4 times and then he'll switch. 2 shots to the face, back to body. Repeat.

This is possible on expert and you get a RIDICULOUS point modifier for it (200+ per session if you're good and have a higher lvl sparring partner, 90+ at the beginning) the difference is he will block your attempts. Wait for him to swing, tackle, stand up and run over. It's more tedious to do on expert but entirely possible and if you're well experienced with UFC games you'll end up with the best moveset possible using expert to get the max amount of points per week you spend doing it.

DO NOT punch your partner at all during sparring sessions. Every takedown, punch, kick, etc that he blocks deducts from your final sparring score. Tackle and/or slam, stand over him, beat him up, repeat. That's all you're going to be doing for 12 boring years but it's by far the best way to make a super CAF.

3. Managing fatigue.

Very simple thing to follow. If your Fatigue level is at/above 60%, rest. Most of my months went like this. Spar, if below 60%, spar again, rest, spar, rest, spar, etc. simply keep an eye on it. Your conditioning increases by sparring, doing camps, and training. Generally it won't be a very high % because resting takes it down much faster than you can keep it up and isn't much to worry about.

User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#2
4. Spending points.

When you first start off in your Career you'll have picked stats you wanted to get up first (ex. my striking offense was 20) After your first sparring session you should've gotten atleast 50 points depending on difficulty/learning how to do it. Toss 1 point into every single stat and then fill in the stats you want to raise to 30 first, to 30/as close as possible. Exit out, rest, spar again. Repeat this until ALL your stats are at 30.

DO NOT GO BEYOND 30 YET. Your points will be saved forever basically, just get everything to 30 ASAP. The reason for putting 1 point into every stat is it prevents it from decaying for atleast 3 weeks. However, once you get a stat to 30 it stops decaying until it goes beyond that point.

AFTER ALL your stats are at 30, start training attributes to 30 as well. Stop once they're at 30.

5. Cred, leveling up sparring/training

Your "cred" level directly influences your stat progression.

You'll notice "next upgrade" with a number next to it, this is the key to getting new equipment/partners to move your stats beyond 30, to 50, and then to 70.

When you unlock new clothing from sponsors, the more you wear it the more cred they'll give you for fighting using their gear (level is indicated with a star) and more of their clothing will unlock to be used. Make sure you're always wearing a sponsors gear.

When you're interviewed after a fight and when you go to the weigh-ins prior to one, ALWAYS respect your opponent for the MAX amount of cred possible. As you develop a friendship they may also invite you to their camps to learn moves at a reduced cost.

6. Once your attributes and ALL skills are at 30 (you should also be sitting on a decent chunk of sparring points saved up) a few more weeks and you should be able to get your first upgrade.

Choose sparring partner and you can now start spending points again to move your skills up to 50. Since your stats are now at 30 and will not decay until they go above it, you can choose to put your points into specific stats to level up or you can follow the 1 in each and then excess of your choosing. Both are perfectly fine so long as you don't neglect a stat above 30 for more than 2 weeks.

When your skills are all at 50, you have sparring points banked up, and you have a new upgrade option move to step 7.

7. Skills at 50? Good, now you can pick training and increase your attributes up to 50 as well. Your sparring will be stuck at 50 until your next upgrade, however, just keep them all banked.

I train intense every time. It's the most time efficient. Train, rest, repeat until all 3 are at 50, then it's back to spar spar spar.

Once your next upgrade is able to be purchased you will choose sparring partner this time. Again, just follow what I said above with spending your points. After they're all at 70 you'll be sitting on them for a very long time. Upgrade your training to the next level and get them to 70 as well then once on to the next step.

User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#3
8. Everything is at 70, now what?

Now it's time for the most dull part of the entire career!

You need 6,000 sparring points saved to be able to go from 70-100 in all 16 stats at once. Fun, eh? By this point you may or may not have went to a couple camp invites and learned a few moves. It isn't necessary on easier difficulties, however, you're going to need a few moves to be able to pull off CPU wins on expert.

This is entirely up to you when you want to do camps and train them, but it's best to save camp move learning until after each point threshold is reached (30, 50, 70)

Learn new moves, spar, do your weight's fights and buy sparring upgrades until max. Then you can buy the attribute upgrades beyond capped at 70.

That's all you're going to be doing until year 11. Once you're there, move on to the next step.

9. By year 11 you should be at, or close to, the 6,000 sparring points needed. Once you hit 6k sparring points you can entirely stop sparring and put your entire focus into getting the last moves you want.

Pay attention to the calendar and once it hits January of year 12 (2022) start training your Attributes again. Max them for whatever their weight's max is (HW is 100 str, 80spd, 80, car for example) You may or may not have to train lightly a couple times to make sure they don't decay depending on how well you did sparring during your career and when it's time to be "done".

You can see when they're going to decay based on a yellow bar next to each one, the more full the bar is the better, when it's empty the decay kicks in.

Continue doing camps and what not until your final fight which is obvious based on the e-mails you receive and Joe Rogan announcing you'll be retiring.

10. The End

Fight your final fight, win or lose, and then spar the very next week. After the spar spend your 6,000 points and max out all your skills from 70-100. At this point you can be done and if you want to pop in and customize your character whenever you feel like it as I said at the beginning of this wall of text, feel free to save it and exit out. If you want to entirely finish I believe it takes 3 weeks after the fight for the cutscene of your retirement to start.

Feel free to PM me or ask questions in this thread.

User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#4
Extra useful info for CAF:

Point Modifier
Beginner - .60
Experienced - .80
Advanced - 1.30
Expert 1.50

Sparring Partner Level Modifier

Level 1 - 1.00
Level 2 - 1.20
Level 3 - 1.40
Level 4 - 1.60
Level 5 - 1.80

Fatigue Level Modifier

0-29% - 1.00
30-49% - .80
50 - 69% - .70
70 - 89% - .60
90 - 100% - .50

1-30 = 1 point
31 - 50 = 3 points
50 - 70 = 5 points
71 - 80 = 7 points
81 - 90 = 10 points
91 - 100 = 20 points

User Info: BigWorldJust

10 years ago#5
Thanks :D.
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User Info: unknown2007

10 years ago#6

Amazing Tips. now I'll be creating Super CAF's more often with this. Thanks man. First things first though i gotta finish my current career mode.:(


10 years ago#7
great guide man, i'll request a sticky for it.

this can be used in general as well, not just for super CAF's so it needs to stay front page imo. we need more sticky topics in here anyway >_<
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User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#8
Some general info I forgot to add in to the last post.

Light Training is +2 stat 10% Fatigue
Moderate is +3 stat 30% Fatigue
Intense is +4 stat 60% Fatigue

When you do camp invites each level of a move becomes harder to train by the points you get for doing what they ask being reduced.

lvl 1 - 10 points, 15 points for doing specific move you're attempting to learn.
lvl 2 - 7 points, 10 points for being specific move.
lvl 3 - 5 points, 7 points for specific move

Progession towards skill point difficulty modifier:

Beginner - 1.0
Experienced - 1.2
Advanced - 1.4
Expert - 1.6

Sponsor Gear:

Each level has 5 levels of cred and each level of gear is worth the amount of cred listed below.

1 - 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
2 - 25, 35, 45, 55, 65
3 - 30, 40, 50, 60, 70
4 - 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
5 - 50, 60, 70, 80, 100

lvl 1: THQ, Yuke's, MMA Connected, MMA Elite, Musclepharm, Yardbarker.com
lvl 2: BSN, FIGHT! Magazine, Fighters Only, Lugz, MMAFIGHTING.COM, Spike TV, Xyience
lvl 3: Cage Fighter, Deathclutch, Dethrone Royalty, Hayabusa, TOE 2 TOE, VENUM
lvl 4: Bad Boy, Ecko Unlimited, Punishment, Throwdown Industries, Tokyo Five, Warrior
lvl 5: Affliction, Hitman, Silver Star, Sinister, Sprawl, TapouT

User Info: fenkwaan

10 years ago#9
Thanks for this.Question though.Just now before I saw this I spent all my points everything is maxed etc though I want to retire out of the game where I stand as if I go further it says keep training or something as my attributes are about to decay.Now they go to 99 right through but I have no more points to bring them back up to 100.
So I restarted and I am all back on 100 etc but Ican't seem to find a way to retire on the spot and exit out so I can avid any decay.
Is it possible other than never finishing?

User Info: xjdfhsjfhsjgfn

10 years ago#10
As far as I'm aware, no, there isn't a retire option this year. When you do whatever it is you feel like doing for your final week in the career mode it just goes straight to a cutscene, saves, and exits the career and you can't load it any longer.
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