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  3. are all the bugs fixed.. i heard the it frozee alot and had bad load times

User Info: shads3055

8 years ago#1
is this still true in this game or is all fixed and runs perfect?

how much freeroma fun is there? is it worth it if it doesnt freez and stuff?
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User Info: Fujinicole88

8 years ago#2
Well i don't have the gold edition but if you mean the game in general (meaning not gold)...

mine still freezes but not bad. the load times aren't bad at all it only takes about a minute. there is missions for each area but the only ones you have to do are the points to go and the ones that say to punish a specific bear. other than that its basically a wreak havoc all you want kinda game.

i hope this helps even if only a little bit...

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

8 years ago#3
I bought and returned the Gold Edition. Played it for an hour and it froze 4 times. It's a shame, because the game is fun when it works.
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User Info: LostEpics

8 years ago#4
@Cyborg Ninja,

How could you have bought and returned Gold Edition? It isn't even out til tomorrow.
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User Info: RealistStyle

8 years ago#5
I got this game, and it's load times into the main level is kind of long, but I haven't had any freezing problems (ps3slim) so ultimately with the time spent scaring the fluff out of the other bears, it's worth it to me. I've only played the first 2 missions for a few turns at each one.
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User Info: WickedRogue

8 years ago#6
It happen to have the Freddie and Jason bears in the Gold Edition?
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User Info: undeadeath

8 years ago#7
I just got this game and man it's fun even despite the apparent flaws (crappy camera, shoddy stealth mechanics, repetitive level structures) but its an original idea thats ultimately satisfying when it works. There haven't been any notable bugs or anything that I've noticed so far and I'm playing on one of the original PS3s before the slim was released.
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User Info: shads3055

8 years ago#8
sweet getting it today. trading in killzone 3 for it. i think
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  3. are all the bugs fixed.. i heard the it frozee alot and had bad load times
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