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User Info: dcrysalis

10 years ago#1
I think I just had the weirdest bug. I was level 18, killed some rats and leveled to 19. Except it told me I leveled to 18 again, then after getting the class stats (int/morale) and spending my point, it leveled me to 19... where I got the class stats again, and another point. Anyone have this happen?
Dana Crysalis, Blue Mage Fanatic

User Info: eharper256

10 years ago#2
I levelled to Level 9 twice and got the +2 to two stats twice too, so yeah, I think there's some kind of loop glitch occassionally. Not seen it again though...
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User Info: bakasora

10 years ago#3
it happened to me also once
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  3. Double level? (bug)
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