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User Info: OblivionScamp

10 years ago#1
when does it end? Level 46, the repeditiveness of the battles is straight up annoying at this point...i would take gyromancer and the first puzzle quest over this game in a heartbeat, this game just drags on for no good reason and is ultra repeditive...it does look good in hd though.

User Info: Eggplant Wizard

Eggplant Wizard
10 years ago#2
I'm at level 46 as well and have the same feelings...I'm tired of the neverending battles and just want it to stop. When you obviously overpower the enemy there is no reason to drag things out.

User Info: Rsteube

10 years ago#3
You should be killing enemies pretty quickly that it shouldn't take you that long.

Tips to finish faster.

Don't do the side quests
Skip as many fights as possible

If you are 46 you are just around the corner.

User Info: dannyaq

10 years ago#4
yea i finally just finished the game and hit 50 like 3 battles before the final battle and after the first few side quests, i generally skipped most of them.
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User Info: robthebob

10 years ago#5
Sadly, I hit level 50 after the Green Dragon in the Dark Dwarf Lab, which meant I had to do the remainder of the level, then the next two with no experience gain to look forward to. Have to say, they really could have scaled this out better.

User Info: RoboShindo

10 years ago#6
if you're just playing to finish it then you may as well change it to easy. You were going to win the battles anyway and it saves a bit of time.
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