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User Info: Vaglar

11 years ago#1
Hey guys! In this topic I'd like to discuss the different perks available in the PSP version.

I've been playing the game for some time now, and I was wondering if you guys also had the same problem as me on lvl 3, Castle Hall. I noticed that once I got the "Bonus Finder" perk in this level, my loots would drop to 0 ! It always happens and this is very annoying because I can't get ANY ammo or new weapons.
As long as don't pick up this perk, my drop level is fine though...very weird heh. Anyone got the same issue?

User Info: dot_ks

11 years ago#2
Yeah. The same thing. It seems to be a bug. Don't pick it, and everything will be fine :)

User Info: BoswerLK

11 years ago#3
perks are randomized, actually

but yeah, bonus finder is bugged, don't get it. as far as I can tell, ninja doesn't work either
Go, Space Detective JUSTICE FLONNE!!! GO!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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