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User Info: viking7272

2 months ago#1
I'm confused on the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenom. When the Liber Ark appears from the other demension all Orbmants are shutdown. How? What effect is doing that. I thought that the Gospels transfer orbal energy to the Liber Ark. Does the Liber ark itself just absorb all orbal energy?
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User Info: SleepTrigger

2 months ago#2
The Sept-Terrion of Space, the Aureole, which acts as the power source for the whole Liber Ark, is what causes the phenomenon. It considers modern orbments a threat and disables them or at least those that are not present in the city itself. The Gospels are connected to it and allowed it to exert its influence even while it was stuck in another dimension.

User Info: hergman

2 months ago#3
viking7272 posted...
Does the Liber ark itself just absorb all orbal energy?
pretty much what i understood
tough like the other guy said, Aureole does that deliberately
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