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User Info: rickets987

10 months ago#1
Just going to throw this out there since it's been working well on my Steam installation of Trails SC. I have absolutely no idea if it's common knowledge, but google didn't get me jack all for useful results, and I ended up having to figure it out for myself. I highly doubt I'm the first to figure this out.

Players running the steam (and I believe other PC) versions of Trails SC may experience corrupted text displays that will even crash your game at certain points, such as when you have to read a certain manual in Chapter 1 for a quest. This appears to be exclusive to 4k resolution. An awful solution is to turn off "High-Res Fonts" in the configuration menu when you launch the game. This is awful because the text becomes extremely pixelated and greatly detracts from the experience of playing the game at 4k.

Here's what I did to fix the problem:
(This is how it works for the Steam version. I have no idea about other versions.)
Open the config menu. Click "save folder" to get the ed6_win2.ini file to appear. Open it. Close the config menu - if you mess with the config menu at all from here on, it'll reset your changes to the .ini file, so don't do that.

Find the following and change them to these, if they aren't already:


(IIRC, ForceTextReso = 2 achieved the same result)
Now things will actually display correctly with high resolution fonts. Unlike having high resolution fonts turned off, the text won't be a pixelated mess in 4k resolution. Remember that if you ever open the config menu again, your custom settings will be reset and you'll have to change them all over again.

I can't promise this will work on everyone's system, but it's been a godsend for my playthroughs.
(edited 10 months ago)

User Info: loxrie

5 months ago#2
Thank you! Fixed for me at 4K and it looks fine. I was crashing with the book in the lighthouse. :D
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