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User Info: Berabouman

7 years ago#1
Hi all, I just hit 20 so I was thinking that I should start using crystals and/or enchantments on my gear. I've read some Enchanting and Crystal guides that I Googled for, but I still have some questions, so I turn to you guys!

1. Some crystals say "xxx to minions" - what is considered a minion? Summoned monsters only, or all normal monsters as well?

2. Some crystals also say "does not stack with other xxx crystals" Does that mean the same type of crystal on the same type of gear, or across all gear?

Example : I have gear X with crystal Y. if I slot crystal Y on other pieces of gear that are not X, do I not get the bonus?

3. Does the crystal that increases out of combat movement work when you're on a mount as well?

4. I'm currently just soloing by myself without much difficulty, so should I just buy the cheap white crystals from the vendors?

5. When exactly should I start enchanting/using crystals? As I understand it, you can't take out crystals and re-slot them, but I get a new piece of gear (using quest gear for now) every few levels or so, so it doesn't seem cost-effective at this point of time. When is a good time to start?

User Info: Edalborez

7 years ago#2
1. You know when you see groups of one medium/big enemy and a bunch of pathetic smalls? The smalls are minions.

2. The same effect doesn't stack period. So across all gear.

4. I did. If there's a specialty shop in whatever towns you're in, you may as well spring for the white Fine (whatever) crystals instead though. HP regen and MP regen are worthwhile for solo.

5. You can take crystals on/off. Can't speak for enchants.

User Info: superbon93

7 years ago#3
Crystals are pretty much accessories that you can equip and unequip whenever you want. Remember to unequip them before switching to new gear because the crystals stay slotted into that piece of gear when unequipped.

You can stick with the white name vendor crystals until 30+ because they don't have that big of an impact at early levels. HP and MP regeneration are very useful early on but you will want to switch to Hunter's crystals later (percent damage against normal monsters) as it will result in more damage over MP regen.

Popular Crystal Setups:

Solo PVE:
- Reds: Brilliant, Hunter's
- Blues: Vigorous

Solo BAM:
- Reds: Mutinous
- Blues: Vigorous, Anarchic

Party Dungeon/BAM as DPS
- Reds: (Focused, Acrimonious, Savage, Carving, this setup results in absurdly high crit damage, I don't know the exact numbers but my zerker friend can hit for 700k+ on a thunder strike with this) Mutinous, Forceful
- Blues: Anarchic

Party Dungeon/BAM as Tank
- Reds: Mutinous, Threatening
- Blues: Anarchic

Party Dungeon/BAM as Healer
- Reds: Brilliant
- Blues: Anarchic

Most other crystals such as the ones that involve a proc on you getting knocked down are useless.

Enchanting is not worth the money until end game, you will get by using quest or dungeon +0 weapons for a long time, unless you are played Warrior or a healer, as their solo damage is rather poor without a bit of gear.
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User Info: Berabouman

7 years ago#4
Thanks for the replies! I am solo as a Warrior, so would I need enchants at later levels? (before 60) If they're not that expensive I might spring for them.

So as long as you have one of the same effect, you can't slot it on any other gear? Or it just doesn't have an effect? (like you wasted a slot?)

User Info: MrZetsubou

7 years ago#5
Currently a lv43 warrior, enchanting was not needed at all, as I'm dealing plenty of damage even in def stance.
Enchanting is not worth it until lv60 period

And if the description says it won't stack, you simply will have a wasted slot if you do have 2 of such gems equipped
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User Info: Berabouman

7 years ago#6
Alright, thanks for all the help.
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