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User Info: playingprince

9 years ago#1
1. what is the use of trenches? are the trenches can make you water once for all plants on the trail of the trenches?

2. what is the area of effect of the fertilizers? if the crop are far from the fertilizer but still connected with trenches, will it affect the crop?

3. if i have a 2 star turnip and i sell it in shipping bin, will Gombe sell a 2 star turnip seeds?
if not, how to maintain the level of the stars of the seeds and crops?

4. when will the tunnel be unblocked entirely?

5. I saw many boulders on mountain path, how can i break it and what's in it?

6 last but not least eventually most important :D how to get much money and fast

thanks for ur answers

User Info: Shiya64

9 years ago#2
phew, okay I'll take a shot at this since no one else has yet. :)

1) Yup, pretty much. also allows for fertilizer placed within the trench to affect all the crops in the trench line.

2) as long as the fertilizer is in the trench, everything planted in the trench will be affected. :)

not sure what the area of affect is if it's not in a trench, though

3) Not that I've seen. Gonbe still sells half star rank crops, same with cam for flowers and I know for sure I've sold a few full star and star-and-a-half crops and flowers. according to the fogu crop basics section ~ http://fogu.com/hm10/your_farms/crop_basics.php

the way to go seems to be planting a ton of fertilizer in a trench with just one crop --> the crop/flower you want a 5 star rank on, and then once you harvest it, put that into the seed maker to get two bags of seeds for the crop you used. then you'll have two 5 star rank seeds. plant those, water, harvest, put those in the seed maker, then rinse repeat until you have a lot of them. obviously that would be MUCH easier for the repeatable crops. as for getting the seed maker. probably involves a lot of expansions, not sure. sorry :(

4) depends really. I'm on year 2 spring, and I've managed to get only 2 of the 5 tunnel expansions (I think there is 5, anyway)
considering you can only get one expansion request per season (provided you have the requirements met) it'll be at least a ways into year 2 depending how fast you go.. or maybe even the start of year 3

5) not too sure, but It involves befriending the bear. then you will randomly see events with the bear getting mad at the boulders and clobbering them so they disappear. the bear likes --> honey, turnip, potato, tomato. yam, bok choy, carrot, strawberry, and corn. I just threw corn at it everyday in summer so it would eat it. I've seen two of the scenes so far, one in year 1 , the other in year 2 spring.

6) flowers sell for the most in year 1. so there's always that. (flower seeds are from cam's shop)
you can also try repeatable crops if you don't want to do flowers

I've also found that if you get lucky, you can get a decent chunk. if you find an ore stone and have a hammer you might have a chance at scoring a rare mining item. for me I got mythril a few times. sold for 3K+ only found 2 of them, but still. it's an idea.
once you get the fishing rod, that will be another option, especially when you get the master rod. some of those fish sell for 200 or more, with a few of the large ones being 500+

hope this helps a bit.

good luck!
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User Info: LunarAngel

9 years ago#3
1. Trenches make watering a bunch of crops at a time a lot easier, yes.

2. If the fertilizer ISN'T connected with a trench, it affects the eight squares surrounding it (3 on the top, three on the bottom, two on each side). If it IS connected with a trench, then it affects every single crop in that trench... This means the fertilizer might not last very long if you have a long trench full of seeds.

3. Nope, that's not how it works. This game has a seed maker... you have to be living in Konohana to unlock it, and it takes awhile to get. You can't get the seed maker living in Bluebell--you'll have to move.

4. The tunnel is unblocked in three installments. When the mayor's friendliness rating reaches 3, 6 and 10 hearts, Eileen will post a request the next month to work on unblocking the tunnel. Make sure to check the -Bluebell- request board; it won't be on Konohana's. Also keep in mind that tunnel requests override farm expansions. You can't upgrade your farm and unblock the tunnel in the same month.

5. The boulders are knocked down randomly by the bear in the mountain. Some people (myself included) think that the bear will knock down 1 boulder for each tunnel clearing you do. When you get Eileen to clear the tunnel the first time, walk around on the mountain during Spring~Fall seasons (the bear seems to hibernate in winter) from 11 AM to 4 PM. Make sure to -walk- between screens; if you're riding your horse, the scene won't trigger. Hopefully you'll see the bear knock away a boulder.

6. There's a few ways... it mostly depends on how cheap you want to be. :P Legitimately? Grow flowers from Cam's shop in multiples of 3 (that's important!). When they grow in, go back to his shop and make perfume from the flowers... I think perfume almost always sells for more money.

Cheaply? When you get a pot from Howard or Yun (it should be after the salad contest, but before your first soup contest), buy Rice from the general store in Konohana. Cook it (Rice + Pot). Cook it again (Cooked Rice + Pot). Sell the Rice Porridge you get. I've never done this myself, so I'm not 100% sure it works, but a single bundle of Rice costs less than 200g from the store, so it might be worth trying it out to see if it works.

User Info: Lazay727

9 years ago#4
Hmm I've learned a lot of interesting things from this thread. Does the bear have to like you to break the rocks and does it lead somewhere new?

User Info: Pheem

9 years ago#5
I don't think the bear has to like you. I have only given it 1 Honey and it has removed 2 boulders. It might be based on the tunnel construction like LunarAngel stated.

As for the areas, they're not mind-boggingly new. The first one just connects these two areas that you can already access, and the 2nd one opens up this very small area, which is new, but it's ..REALLY small XD

Not sure about any other areas the bear might unlock though.
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User Info: playingprince

9 years ago#7
@Shiya and Lunar and pheem : thanks very much for ur answers, it's really helpful

1. to get my farm expansion i should be friend with ina?
2. what's the bear looks like? and where does the scene occur( the scene when the bear is moving the boulder)?
3. ( a bit of topic) is it worth to buy food from howard to win food contest?


User Info: LunarAngel

9 years ago#8
1. Ina doesn't do the expansions... she's the mayor of Konohana. Eileen is the carpenter in this game... she has reddish colored hair, glasses, and lives in the house in the upper left corner of Bluebell. You should befriend her. If you just talk to her every day, that should be okay, but she likes Rocks and Branches from the mountain if you want to give her gifts.

2. The bear is... um... brown. And cranky. You might want to stay away from him if you see him. He'll hit you and it takes away 10 stamina, or thereabouts. He also roars (I guess its' a roar?) when he sees you and then runs after you, so try to avoid getting in his line of sight... I think my first boulder was the one between Konohana high mountain and mid-mountain. It didn't really unlock anything interesting, like Pheem said. It was on the screen with the waterfall. When my character walked onto the screen, the camera moved to where the bear was and showed what he was doing... my character never actually interacted with the bear.

3. I'm pretty sure if you buy food from Howard or Yun, you'll lose the contest. All the food you buy from them is half star food. That'll almost certainly get you a (...) from Pierre. One of those on a team pretty much guarantees you're going to lose... unless the other team enters a failed dish. Losing is a decent strategy, though, because you'll get farm expansions faster (my first year of the game, I got 2 tunnel expansions... T_T that's great, but I wanted to expand my farm...), and often the 'prize' for losing is crop seeds that you wouldn't be able to get until Year 2. Once you get those crop seeds, Gombe will start selling them in his shop in Konohana.

By the way, 'losing' still helps you unite the towns. I wouldn't worry too much about losing or winning. Just enter with what you can pull together. For spring, just make what your mayor tells you to make. For summer, you can do Potato Salad if you keep a spring potato (Pot + Potato + Milk), Radish Soup if you grow a radish (Radish + Milk + Pot), Omelet (Egg + Milk + Oil + Pan), and Pudding (Egg + Milk + Pot). They're all pretty easy dishes.

User Info: Dogsrule53

9 years ago#9
One slot I am playing as resident of Bluebell. When your team wins one of the food festivals, you get as an award Adamite ? It is worth like 5,000. I had 3 of them until I started getting new rewards like new carrts (which run very slow for me).
In the other slot am playing the the other town. So far, I have not been able to raise as much money, for some reason. The awards have been $600 wine, so far, for winning a food festival.
I did manage to get the tunnel completely completed, also by getting the new mayors at 10 hearts.
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User Info: LunarAngel

9 years ago#10
@Dogsrule, the new cart is slow because it's a heavier cart. You can rent a more powerful horse from either Grady in Bluebell or Kana in Konohana. The more powerful horses can move heavier carts at high speed.

Its also just plain harder to start out in Konohana. When you start in Bluebell, you're given a Cow and a Chicken that are producing Milk and Eggs already. When you start in Konohana, you get... 3 bags of Turnip seeds.

Don't get me wrong, I love Konohana.. but it's definitely a harder Spring Year 1.
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