Why the hell is this a party game?

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User Info: SvenGeorgeson

8 years ago#1
I had never heard of it before today but since it's now out, with 3 episodes for 15 bucks, I figured I would just get it. I like puzzle games and I like the way it looks! But now I read that it's meant as a party game and isn't very fun playing alone. Furthermore, the killer never changes, so it's not like you can play again and again with friends! What's the point? Why would they make it like that?
We can work it out.

User Info: LawLessChaos

8 years ago#2
Is it good?
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User Info: Satanicat

8 years ago#3
Contrary to the TC, I would NOT play this with friends. I find it hilarious just playing alone with the woman watching. She's not into video games though.

However, as a "group" game, the big failure is making the riddles able to be memorized easily.
Keeping the culprits the same keeps the story in tact as it's a pretty long story once all 6 Episodes are out, but I agree that if it was different each time it would add re-playability.

Guess a concrete story was more appropriate for them, oh well.

I still think of it like a gigantic game of Clue, with puzzles galore.

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