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User Info: Kaylik

8 years ago#1

Ok. I'm starting to get pissed. Playing Ep.2 atm and can't seem to get past that stupid "Something to Bragg about" game. Help.:(

User Info: FreeRangers

8 years ago#2
Refresh my memory, what's that puzzle about? I can help you, but just tell me what the puzzle is about.
"Has the bowl cut become a trend among the students? I've feared their revival..." -Mao, Disgaea 3

User Info: igottayellowbug

8 years ago#3

This one took some thought.

You need to decipher the code by removing ONLY TWO LETERS from the message. The trick is in the clue to think latrally.

Starting from the top row and going from left to right delete the following letters. O-N-L-Y-T-W-O-L-E-T-T-E-R-S. This will leave the following mesage THE BUTCHER FOUND THE ITEMS.


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