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User Info: Zeppster497

8 years ago#1
Well, I'm fairly interested in this, but the price is kind of putting me off: 8€ (about $11.5) PER episode, and there's six episodes in total, adding up to a whopping 48 euros ($68.9) for the whole series, which I expect isn't longer than your average PSN game. There's bound to be some good bundle offers later on, even at the moment the two first episodes that are currently available can be bought for 13€ total, so you can kinda save money right there.

Has anyone tried this yet? If the game is really good I might get it despite the salty price, but I'm not going to jump head first into this one yet even though I'm interested...
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User Info: FDC1

8 years ago#2
You can buy the first 2 episodes for 12,99 euros. So you can have the full game for 39 euros. I'm interested about reviews of this game too. It looks like the DS Layton games but it seems very short and english is the only available language (I'm french).


8 years ago#3
Yes I've already played through Episode 1 (100% & All Golds + Picked the right Culprit).
It cost me £9.99 for both Episodes, however Episode 2 doesn't seem to work. As soon as you press 'X' to start Ep'2 it just freezes & the only thing you can do is press the 'PS' button & quit the game.
I've deleted the game from my PS3 & have re-downloaded & re-installed both Episodes again but still no joy. The file for Ep'2 doesn't seem to be on the system, it's not saved as a separate game & it's not in the Game Data Utility either so there's clearly an issue with Episode 2.

Not a good start, if this was a disc based game you could take it back to the shop & get a replacement, how do you replace a download ffs (>_<)

User Info: FDC1

8 years ago#4
Stupid question but did you download Episode 2? It's 2 separate downloads I think

User Info: FDC1

8 years ago#5
Sorry, I missed the "I've deleted the game from my PS3 & have re-downloaded & re-installed both Episodes again but still no joy" part. Stupid me.


8 years ago#6
lol yeah I downloaded both of them, at best I've managed to chose a character but then it froze again whilst trying to load the start of the story.
Definitely a software issue in the game, really needs addressing by Sony or the game makers...

User Info: FDC1

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#8
I still think it's a bit expensive. Only 90 riddles in total? No game disc ect.? Episodes? They could make it a bit more attractive ... I guess I'll just wait and see. Maybe there'll be a good offer when all episodes are out.
have =|= of


8 years ago#9
Cheers for the link, seems strange the main an isn't having issues yet everyone else is.
an only hope they sort it out asap I guess^^

User Info: Relentless_SW

8 years ago#10
Hey everyone this is Liam from Relentless,

Unfortunately last night many of you experienced problems playing Episode 2 of the Blue Toad Murder Files. This was due to a bad file being uploaded to the PlayStation Store. The files we sent to Sony were fine, but files on the PlayStation Store seem to be bad.

We would like to offer our apologies to everyone who has been unable to play Episode 2 as a result of this, but rest assured the problem has been identified and Sony and ourselves have been hard at work fixing it. We are in contact with Sony at the moment so hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly and Episode 2 will once again be available on the PlayStation Store, once again we apologize for this inconvenience. We can assure everyone this issue will be fixed ASAP, for further updates and information please visit:

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