Need help aligning the mirrors. (Spoilers)

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  3. Need help aligning the mirrors. (Spoilers)

User Info: ShadowElite86

7 years ago#1
I believe I'm in Chapter 7 and the part where you have to float around outside to realign the mirrors or solar panels. There's also some huge necromorph pod out there that shoots out flying things.


User Info: shadowoftheark

7 years ago#2
...What do you need help with, dingus? To align the mirrors, you need to float behind one of the misaligned ones that are reflecting light and you'll see a little console, press A on that and you'll start using Kinesis on it, then you align it so the light reflects onto the other one, then head to the second one. You'll have to kill the giant Necromorph in order to align the second one, since the things it shoots at you can hit you from there.
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User Info: DemosthenesCS

7 years ago#3
Easiest way to align it is to look through the little visor above the control panel that you press A at. Once the opening in the visor is dead center with the other satellite you will see it light up.

And yeah, take care of that necro.

User Info: big_d3883

7 years ago#4
shoot the necromorph with the alt fire from the line gun one hit kills it then just make sure to refill your oxygen get all the loot and align the mirrors
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User Info: mk1lobotriste

7 years ago#5
In this stage i was literally one f****ng hour, i though that the solar panels were looking at the Sun, but not.

·························O C

A····|-( >>>>> <<<<< )-|····B

A= Solar panel |-(
B= Panel that takes energy )-|
C= Sun O

Put A looking at B, not to C.

PD: lol

User Info: negativenetwork

7 years ago#6
As you enter space, go towards the alien thing shooting out crap. Shoot the yellow balls on it's arms to kill it. Once that is dead, you can go around to the two arms and aim the sunlight at the mirrors. Use your line route thing to find them. They have a handle thing on the side you can move to aim them. kill the alien thing first though or they will kill you...
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  3. Need help aligning the mirrors. (Spoilers)

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