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  3. DO NOT Trade in SFIV for SSFIV, a WARNING

User Info: ChrisCSonichu

11 years ago#1
I just did this yesterday; got over $10 trade-in credit at GameStop on this. I was expecting the Save Data to carry over onto SSFIV from SFIV; I was WRONG. It ONLY unlocked 11 and 12 colors, true, but it created a SEPERATE Trophy Category and SEPERATE Save Game Data.

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User Info: Bukem002

11 years ago#2
Why keep it if you arent playing it? lol

User Info: SnappySnake

11 years ago#3
Sad for you.

You didn't expect this to unlock something aside some extras did you?
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User Info: agoogua

11 years ago#4
Those things will happen even i you have SFIV

User Info: Spotlesseden

11 years ago#5
i don't play the game again. i don't see why i should keep the game instead of getting $10

User Info: TheCManator

11 years ago#6
I traded SF4 and never looking back. No need for me to play an inferior version.

And really, what ever gave you the idea that SSF4 would use the same data? I've never seen any info that implied that. Even if you avoided any info on the game, theres a thing called common sense. Different games = different save files.
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User Info: Rasputin77

11 years ago#7
SEPARATE. Separate.

User Info: Mr_Massacre

11 years ago#8
what exactly were you expecting...

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User Info: Darkyellow327

11 years ago#9
That's what I expected!
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User Info: sqaleonhrt

11 years ago#10
So what if the saves and trophies are separate?

Does this mean that you aren't going to play Super just because it has its own set of trophies and saves?

And that you're going to keep playing Regular because you can't port your data over to Super?
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  3. DO NOT Trade in SFIV for SSFIV, a WARNING
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