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User Info: Spirit__Warrior

3 years ago#1
This is my 4th time beating the game, I usually play it once a year in rotation. ( after beating Parasite eve 1 & 2, MGS2, Driver 2, Syphon filter lol )

Saejima's story gets to me everytime, I like the first half the game, for some reason I've grown to like Tanimura and his storyline. I guess the times before after the intense chapters of Saejima, going to Tanimura's after is like a relief phrase for a while.

Still can't get into Kiryu, I guess because he reminds me way too much of Kazuya, Jin, etc. I like his fighting style, but personality wise, not really.

Probably after this I'd playthrough dead souls, and in a month or two finally play Yakuza 5 for the first time.
The finale of this game is really good.

Recently saw the new promo for Yakuza 7's new protagonist, looks promising ;)
One of things I can say about this game as a series, it's a really good solid offline game which I miss these days.
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User Info: boredomkiller99

2 years ago#2
The thing about Kiryu's story is that he didn't have much development or anything because the game really wasn't about him as he has been the main character for the last 3 games. This game was mostly about the other 3 new characters with Kiryu's chapters really just being there to tie the things up and bring everyone together. You see a lot more of his personality in the earlier games as well as in yakuza 5. If you really want to learn about Kiryu you should play yakuza 0 and Kiwami for that.
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User Info: YGHadi

2 years ago#3
The reason i bolted all of the Yakuza games, Incredibly boring gameplay that only the japanese like, I have tried 4 because it was 2 Euros and thought why not,

Im really emerged into the world, Its tinier then a dutch house, But it serves its purpose, When i saw u played as 4 different persons (do u switch back?) im at Sae, the sec protag and he is alot better then Kiryu, And even only because of his looks, Will i like the other Yakuza games that do not involve characther switch? Might buy 0 or kiwami at the end of the year.
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User Info: AzumaNaroon

2 years ago#4
Kudos for being a fellow Syphon and Driver fan lol.

Kiryu doesn't get much development in this game because like the above poster said, he'd already been the focal point of the first three games and received a bunch of it there. He was in this game just because he's a pre-established protagonist and fans would riot if he weren't playable at some point.

He definitely doesn't remind me of Kaz and Jin tho lol. All three of them are always seemingly brooding and have demure expressions 24/7, but he's not a sociopath like Kazuya and not recklessly extremist like Jin is. He can just never catch a break and lost almost everybody he'd ever loved lol. Can't blame the guy honestly.
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2 years ago#5
AzumaNaroon posted...
Kudos for being a fellow Syphon and Driver fan lol.

Zere's nowhere to hun!
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