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User Info: olober_saiko

3 years ago#1
Himeka Kawasaki

Drink: Gold Champagne (White, if you're low on money.)
Food: Chicken Basket (Dried Ray Fin, if you're on a budget.)

"Everyone's been super nice. I was even the top earning hostess here one month!"
- You might've even made it as a pop star.

"I just wanna enjoy my work. Can't we all just get along, y'know?"
- They're jealous of you.

"How can I make them understand without making a big deal about it?"
- You have to tell it to them straight.

"This is my pet, Mr. Meowy! Pretty cute, huh?"
- Yeah, he's a cutie.

*When she asks which part of her body you would massage, choose her legs.*

"Sure it does. I'd do anything to be taller!"
- I could give you a ride on my shoulders.

"Seriously?! I had no idea! I'd love to go! You really know a lot about this city, eh?"
- Have fun.

"He ended up dumping me... He said he couldn't stand eating with me anymore."
- Maybe it's nerves.

"You think someone like me could ever get married?"
- Why don't you start with some simple dishes?

"Yeah, I just love a man who can make me laugh."
- (Try telling a joke.)

"He comes in almost every day now. It makes me depressed to think about tomorrow."
- Maybe you should take a few days off.

"Maybe I should quit blogging altogether."
- That's just running away from the problem.

"You okay with me asking you for advice? I don't know if I can keep working here without your support."
- Don't you have other people you can talk to?

*When she asks you to guess which part she washes first, hover over to her face.*

"You don't do that kind of thing, do ya?"
- Come on. I'm a cop, remember?

*She will tell you to ask her anything*
- Do you have someone you like?

"The other day the super in my apartment building found me passed out in the elevator."
- You don't know the right way to drink.

- You should file a police report.

"What do you think I should do?"
- Wouldn't you regret it if you left now?

"But where should I go?"
- If you've never been, I'd go to Korea.

"Um... Do you think I could ever be your wife?"
- You can do much better than me.

"But I have no clue how to use it! The instructions might as well be in Chinese."
- Do you want me to show you how to use it?

"If you get this right, I'll cook something nice for you!"
- I bet it was your cat, Mr. Meowy.

"What about you? Do you just tell someone?"
- If I like a woman, I make her mine.
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