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User Info: SenpaiGamer17

4 years ago#1
Hello Everyone

So i just beat Yakuza 3 after beating and enjoying Yakuza 1 and 2.

And i have a few queries regarding the plot


Who was the so called Traitor in the tojo clan?
So Kanda was only evil in the sense that he wished to start a war with Kashiwagi and his family right?
What happened to Hamazaki? without spoiling Yakuza 4-6
Where is Yayoi Dojima?
Did rikkuya ever get his get his tattoo improved?
Who killed Kashiwagi?
Was Mine the traitor or was it Hamazaki?
Is it me or was Yakuza 3s story really short?

Yakuza 4 questions

So i am going to pick up Yakuza 4 next and i have found out that it has 4 main protagonists! WTF? is the game good despite this? i mean i always assumed Yakuza 1-6 featured Kiriyu Kazama as the main protag!
Also are the Yakuza games 4-6 any good interms of story incomparison to Yakuza 1-3?
Does the series get better after 3?

Whats happened to The fuma family now that Kashiwagi is dead?

And thats all

Thanks in advance

User Info: _Shinn_

4 years ago#2
Regarding your question to Yakuza 3 plot:

By definition, all the 3 patriarch of the Tojo clan are all equally guilty of betraying the clan just that Mine had more involvement in the coup. Basically Mine pull the strings behind the scenes by working with Black Monday, the helicopter who gunned down Kashiwagi is implied to be the "CIA's".

Kanda got wanted to become the 7th Chairman because of personal greed and he wanted to squash Kazama's(Fuma) clan because he see them as impassive/weak. The 3 traitor's motivation all boils down to personal greed really except for maybe Mine.

Without spoiling too much, you will run into Hamazaki and he will play a significant role in one of the character's chapters.

Just like most characters from the first two games, Yayoi Dojima and other characters are probably sidelined and forgotten. Probably because the new writer doesn't know what to do with them, just like when we were told Sayama went to America for a year for police academy but we never heard from her again.

Rikiya's tattoo is actually a subquest. You have to bring him to Utabori(the tattoo artist that gave Kiryu the "dragon") which will trigger a small cutscene.

I find Yakuza3's story rushed especially at the end. Too much stuff left unexplained like how Joji was clearly pointing his gun at Dojima which Dojima reacted by reaching out for his but got shot in the process, then it was explained that Joji was actually reaching for another document in his suit and Dojima got shot by Anderson. Not to mention the entire "misunderstanding" was somehow propagated by Saki's drawing of Joji instead of Anderson.

Another thing i would like the story to elaborate on is the ploy between the two ministers to draw out Black Monday. Why did Tamiya sent out his men to attack Suzuki's office when those two are working towards the same goal. Did Tamiya had ulterior motives? None of these was every explain and the plot just moves on without elaborating further.

Just a heads up before you jump to Yakuza 4. Make sure to play on Harder difficulties because they made the difficulty extremely easy to appeal to the casual market. Storywise the Yakuza game has never been good after 3 because the narrative gets messy and they fail at wrapping the story up, gameplay is arguably better with each installment. Personally i prefer the multiple protagonist stories because of multi-perspective and the Yakuza games are known for writing likable/charismatic characters.

As for Kashiwagi and the Kazama clan, i assume some competent Tojo officer will take over and keep things running just like how Kanda was the 3rd patriarch to Nishiki family.
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