Was thinking on buying this game

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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

7 years ago#1
I was in the mood to play a good arcade flight simulator and was wondering if this game was worth it. Is the single player any good? How about the multiplayer?
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User Info: Ryguy226

7 years ago#2
Well it's a very well done arcade flying shooter, the single player is not all that great, it's essentially playing multiplayer matches against bots with different objectives. Think something along the lines of Unreal Tournament 3's single player and you have the same idea. The multiplayer is very fun, but the community has dwindled a lot since release, it actually had just as many players as some retail releases, it was on the top 20 the first week it came out.

The game has lots of fun modes, and the fact that it allows bot support helps bridge the gap when you want to play and not everyone is playing it at the moment. Also helps if you loved Crimson Skies since this has been praised as it's spiritual successor.
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