How is the learning curve in this game?

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User Info: ShadowSpectre

7 years ago#1
Once you get better to a decent level of skill, is there still depth to this game? And how long does it take to pickup the controls?
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User Info: Kaiser98821

7 years ago#2
I can't comment on the depth of the game (for me it just boiled down to using weapons I liked, shooting AT areas of heavy traffic rather than GOING INTO them, and learning to use which trick for which situation), but as for the controls it seems if you're not familiar with flight games it might take a while to grasp them. My older brother and my friend's girlfriend's little brother are testaments to that statement, though to be fair maybe they shouldn't have been playing the missions with me AFTER I got gold medals on all of them...

User Info: Zorlac

7 years ago#3
Dont' listen to him.

the game is very pick up and play. no complicated flight controls (Battlefield). it allows you to focus on fighting. As for depth, and strategy, it's pretty deep. You can really tell a difference in a lvl 10, and a lvl 80's skill level. You learn when to roll, loop, where to fly, weapons you like, and so on.
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  3. How is the learning curve in this game?

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