The only problem with this game is the turrets.

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  3. The only problem with this game is the turrets.

User Info: Psionic_Wookie

8 years ago#1
There's always somebody in it, wiping out half the team and stealing kills from allies. They require no skill and are twice as annoying as snipers.

lf those were removed, this game would be perfect.
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User Info: jojobaker15

8 years ago#2
Ya the turrets are overpowered, it's so easy to get kills with them and as soon as you get near killed just leave the turret and you've still got a full health plane.

User Info: ogdeady

8 years ago#3
Silver Bullet and stay low .. if I get into games where theres a lot of turret camping going on, I pick my loadout accordingly for turret harassment .. Silver bullet and Squitos. You may not win a whole lot of matches, but it's very satisfying to kill them, and eventually they get tired of getting killed and revert back to air combat.

User Info: LordOfDonkeys

8 years ago#4
Once you figure out the terrain and their viewing angles they are pretty easy to take out. Hell I've taken more turrets out with the flails than anything else.
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User Info: Misaki_Ki

8 years ago#5
I think they're fine. They're not hard to take out, if you're smart. What I do find annoying is being spawn killed by mines. Ugh.

User Info: Ryguy226

8 years ago#6
Yea, they can be a pain in the butt, but it's possible to take them out without a problem. Only times you'll have a problem is if you have a team of people surrounding the turret protecting it. My favorite method for taking them out is using the Squittos (i.e. the mini magnet mines) and just circle around the base of the turret releasing them as you pass around them, just make sure you're really close to the turret.

User Info: nintendo3000

8 years ago#7
Snipe them 2 death with Woodstock.
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  3. The only problem with this game is the turrets.

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