this game kinda sucks.......

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User Info: DTownsendF13

7 years ago#1
i was iffy on getting this.....the demo made me curious and i waited for a bit before i decided to get it. i've played a few games on line now and i already regret getting this game. seems like it was a cool concept but its just not very fun to get killed,respawn and have the same guy sitting there killing me 15 times in a row before i can even get turned around.
IDK, maybe I'll warm up to it eventually but so far its been a letdown. I really thought it was going to be great with all the good reviews it was getting. oh well.........

User Info: Surv1valism

7 years ago#2
Sounds like your just terrible. im almost 60 and never had a problem being spawn killed....
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User Info: Ryguy226

7 years ago#3
I can understand your frustrations, but don't give up! Everyone went through this initial phase when we went into the games, it's just a matter of figuring out the best strategies and learning the ropes better. It also depends on which game mode you were playing, Dogfight (aka free for all) is a cluster, and you can die repeatedly if your not careful. Team Dogfight is less chaotic, but there are areas in the map that get real congested with everyone fighting. If you're getting killed relentlessly, try to be less aggressive in your approach and try to take things a bit easy, hang back and use some leeches and fire some rainmakers into the fray, help your teammates. You'll get there. Try to practice a bit with bots and figure out how to manuever out of a firefight and get back into the fray, if you can pull of the flying tricks effectively, you can overturn a one on one battle.

Besides, you may be running into a situation where you are playing some of the guys that are real hardcore in this game (I'm running into the lvl 100s myself lately) and play cooperatively with their teams. I'm pretty good (I have a 1.6 K/D ratio with over 954 kills under my belt and average 125 points per game), but I will get into a game where I will have the same dude kill me NONSTOP because he was either taking things a bit slower or flying with backup.

User Info: antigunder

7 years ago#4
The game sucks because you suck at it? That makes sense. Learn to play .. suck less.

User Info: saturn2dfreak

7 years ago#5
you suck cuz yur not Flying Ace like I am lol
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User Info: MKID232

7 years ago#6

Oh c'mon, lay off him. He said he might warm up to it if he gets used to it. Time will tell whether he likes it or not...Unless you are a girl, in which case change the "Him's" and "He's" to "Her's" and "She's"

User Info: DuConLaFleme

7 years ago#7

Am I the only one to train offline before going online so I won't get blasted out?

User Info: Ryguy226

7 years ago#8
If it wasn't for my years in Crimson Skies, I probably would have been like you and trained against bots, but I went into the online fray head on with no issue. It was like riding a bike all over again :)

User Info: Caspulex

7 years ago#9
I'd never played a dogfighter before in my life.

I jumped straight into the free trial of the demo. Died quite a bit, got maybe 2 kills total.

On my third game after purchasing it, I got a straight 25 killstreak and received the Flawless achievement. This happened again on my 5th game, and I won the 4th game even without a 25 killstreak.

Learn to not suck. Or use better weapons.

I like the Swarm missiles and either the BAM mines or the Schizo (Whatever) mines. Utilize many air stunts, use the Airbrake, and use the boost. Don't forget to not overheat your guns.
"Do you just not count SRPGs at all?"
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User Info: Ryguy226

7 years ago#10
Actually my tactics for getting kills goes with my Rainmaker and Comet missle combo. The Rainmaker can make short work of a person if you really keep your aim on them, especially in those encounters when you're playing chicken with an opposing player. I just lay on both triggers and watch the bullets tear apart people in its wake. The comets are pretty good because they lock on pretty good and you can fire a good chunk of them in succession, pretty much giving you a chance to hit someone who's barrell rolling out of the lock. A person can only do so many stunts before they have to charge back up to do more. It's been pretty good. Leeches are pretty good only against people really busy or unaware of stunting out of the lock.

I was never good at getting kills from the BAMs, they're useful to get those locks off, but I've only had about 2 kills from them. The Squitos on the other hand are great because they magnetize onto a plane flying near them and are great for those encounters when you have someone on you're tail and you want to make a getaway to regain health.
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