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User Info: M00NBEAST

9 years ago#1
Been playing this game for a bit, and I'm wondering when/how I unlock other aircraft and can customize them. The ones you start with appear to not be customizable.

I don't care how terrible anyone thinks the game is. I bought it, and I'm playing it, and I enjoy it enough to keep playing it. So, I ask that the thread be answered and not given responses telling how one thinks it's a waste of time or whatever. (Please?)

User Info: SilverevoVIII

9 years ago#2
I think you get it through points or kills. I know you get demoted ranks through deaths...it is a pretty good game though. As for customizing your planes, i don't think you do much other than getting to pick a new color from the unlock list.
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User Info: Coreromancer

9 years ago#3
It seems the only way to unlock one of the four additional aircrafts, yet clones of the original four aircrafts, is by playing in online versus and winning in those versus matches. I believe this is the same for each of the color variants for each of the eight ships, which are represented by blackened slots in Customize until unlocked.
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User Info: ibizadreams99

9 years ago#4
Good question. I was wondering the same. The only other plan I unlocked was the Fighter B and this was after an online match so I agree with that speculation. But I've played many (20+) matches last night, won about half of em, and still did not unluck another ship. Might take a while... It's probably one of the secret achievements to unlock all ship variants.
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