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User Info: assassin_2k2

9 years ago#1
This is released on 23 Dec for 1200 points according to the official site.
Source - http://dlgames.square-enix.com/0dayattackonearth/en/index.html

User Info: RetroMUFC

9 years ago#2
I saw this game mentioned in a copy of Gameinformer a few months back and have been waiting. It looks pretty cool but a tad shallow for 1200 pts.
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User Info: Cyberspectre

9 years ago#3
not worth that much
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User Info: Coreromancer

9 years ago#4
You can't trust Square Enix's judgment on cost/benefit too often since they make such a ridiculous number of games, but I think this 0 Day Attack will be a good game, especially if on Versus play or Co op. Gyromancer was a mediocre game at best, and was therefore overpriced, but $15 for a game with this level of replay value I can't see as a waste.
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User Info: assassin_2k2

9 years ago#5
Im not to sure if its worth 1200 but i will give the demo a go and then decide if its worth it

User Info: zeldasho

9 years ago#6
1200? >_>, jesus, Microsoft is going crazy with that price point, unless its something among the quality of games like Braid and Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex, im gonna pass.

I think Microsoft is trying to set thier new average price to 1200 instead of 800 (I find it funny that when Aliens Breed Evolution released, they were charging 1200, then dropped the price to 800 after hardly anyone downloaded)
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User Info: copaco

9 years ago#7
Of the arcade games I have played, very few are worth that much. Even Castle Crashers was pretty shallow.
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