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User Info: lone_todorov

9 years ago#1

I can't see it anywhere on PSN... where do i download it??

User Info: AJM

9 years ago#2
Took me a while to notice it, look for "Broken Steel" not Fallout 3, I'm in the UK don't know if that makes a difference

User Info: ChikaraX

9 years ago#3
As you might now by now:
"Bethesda decided not to release the DLC for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Switzerland" This came from a Playstation Forum Administrator after asking Bethy about the holdup.. It's was also on the Bethy forum but THAT page was locked and removed, hehe.

In other word, when they are talking about an EU release, they are talking about a UK release, hehe.

Last news on the Bethy forum on the same subject was:
I hope to have more news to you and everyone else soon. We're trying not to jump the gun on any announcements until everything's a go. I don't want to leave you guys hanging, as was the case when the DLC was initially delayed.

Many players in Holland bypassed everything by simply buying a UK PSN card an creating a UK PSN account and buying the DLC from there.. It working as perfect as Fallout 3 can run.. The rest stopped caring.

Fallout 3: GOTY, let's hope so X)
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